Moving To Sweden But Staying Me

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Mother Tounge!!!

Hey everyone,

Sorry i have not been on the Internet to blog. I have got very addicted to The Sims 3!!!!!! Ooopppssss!!!!
Yesterday me and Emily started this Mother Tongue thing so that we keep up with our English and i thought that i had got out of doing English.I was good fun talking to people who's first language is English!!! We go every Monday to the collage on the bus it takes about 20 minutes from our school.

On Sunday our Dad came all the way to Sweden just to see us. His fiance, Deanna,set it all up for his birthday he did not know that he was coming until he was on his way to the airport. We went to this swim place called Himlabardet it has lots of slide and a jacuzzi and even a sauna.We all had great fun. Then we went to Birsta City and got Heather, Deanna's daughter a present because she could not come. After that we all went out for dinner at this traditional Swedish restaurant. It was really nice but also really expensive!!! When we had finished dinner Dad and Deanna came back to our house for a cup of coffee/tea. So as you see i have been very busy so it has been a bit of a struggle to get on here!!!!

Missing you all,
Speak to you soon,
Love ya all,
From Allie :-)


samwise311080 said...

hey allie, great to hear what you did with your dad. must haved been strange seeing him in sweden rather than in england. hope your keeping good.

love from sam.

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