Moving To Sweden But Staying Me

Monday, 4 October 2010


Hey everyone,

I finally started school on Wednesday!!!!
It is really different to school in England. (Maybe coz they don't speak English) But anyway Me and Emily are in the same class witch is i bit wired. We are only in the same class until we learn Swedish witch i think is a very good idea. I have learnt a bit of Swedish. We had the day off today! Lucie thought she had Friday off so did not go in but she did have school. Then she went to school today when there was no school!!! We all felt really bad as she had to go to school on the bus, on her own, when she did not need to. We have had a good day i was on Sims 3 this morning and then went on bike ride with Lucie and Ludvig it was good fun. Then read for a bit need to rind my own books in one of the boxes. I did lose the book i was reading that was really good a week or so before we moved and it has not turned up so that was £7 out the window!!!

Missing you all,
Speak to you soon,
Love ya all,
From Allie :-)


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