Moving To Sweden But Staying Me

Monday, 27 September 2010


Hey Everyone,

Sorry i have not been on to write on my blog. I went into hospital on Tuesday last week coz i had stomach pains and was vomiting. The Swedish nurses were really nice and spoke to me in English. I had to have some blood taken with was terrifying coz i am scared of needles and blood!!!! :-( When the Doctor came in to tell me about what my blood had shown he said that it would be best that i did not eat and stay in over night. I did not like the sound of that. Emily and Lucie had to stay at home with Alessandro, Ludvig and Flavia. The next day Ludvig had to go to school so he did not know how i was when i came out of hospital! When it was his lunch break he rang to see how i was doing. It was pretty sweet! But i am fine now and am eating properly and have been outside and have been on a bike ride with Lucie and Ludvig.

Lucie started school on Friday! She made lots of friends but i can not say let alone spell their names. On Tuesday she finished at 1:30 pm 1 hour earlier than normal for some random reason and gets the day off on Friday!!! I have not started school yet i am sat around home all day doing nothing which is a bit boring! Hopefully we will be going to school soon. Fingers crossed!!

Missing you all,
Speak to you soon,
Love ya all,
From Allie :-)


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