Moving To Sweden But Staying Me

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

I'm Here!

Hi everyone,

We have been in Sweden since Saturday and everything has go okay since then. I have only just been able to go on the computer because everything happens so fast. We have settled in well and have looked round a school that speaks English. We will not be going to that school because it is full , but we are going to go look around the school that my step brothers go to. I would much prefer to go to the same school as then. I am really excited to be here and the time is just flying by, the only problem is that the boys have to go to school so we are very bored at home til they get back. I would love to be in school like everyone else because no-one is online you are all at school.

Am miss you all,
Speak to you soon,
Luv ya all!
Love Alice :)


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