Moving To Sweden But Staying Me

Sunday, 19 September 2010

All My Stuff!!!

Hey everyone,

The removal men are coming today with all of our stuff! WAHOOOO!!!!
I am really excited because we will have all of are belongings here at last. Maybe it will feel a bit more like home with all our stuff here.
Yesterday we got really hyper so got sent outside to play. Then we came inside and got sent back outside to take Giljo the dog for a walk because we were really noisy still. On the walk i fell in a river and cut my wrist and got all wet and muddy. It was good fun though!
When we got back we watched a movie on Emily's laptop it was really good!
It poured down with rain all night it was really loud. It was a good thing we took Giljo on a walk when we did because it started raining when we got back.

Missing you all,
Speak to you soon,
Love ya all,
From Allie :-)


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